Welcome to Mount Mongam, a hidden mountain located between the great mountain range of Cheonseolseong and Jangbaek.

A PVP Field for level 36 to 46.


The eerie surrounding this vast swap made any traveller tremble in fear. Legend has it that this hidden sanctuary is used to be a location of a destroyed kingdom.

The location is an ideal place for dark experiments as the natural resources surrounding it is plenty therefore the evil faction of Dark Amcheon inhibits the area to conduct malicious experiments to various live species including Humans.

The Order and The Chaos faction begins to stop this operation for their factions advatage therefore a war begins between them and the Dark Amcheon.

Are you brave enough to survive this battle?


The Anxiety of Mount Mongam

This is a daily quest that you can acquire when you reached level 36 and you can continue doing it until level 46.


You may only get this quest once a day.

The final reward will be 150,000 exp and if you are lucky enough the boss "CH" might drop level 50-55 Fine Grade and Ultimate Grade Equipment.




Simply talk to NPC Wandering Warrior Wang Cheon Hak. This NPC is present on your base of operation regardless of your faction (He is probably a member of Pungi Group or the Neutral Faction)




  • Order Faction - Left Side of the Guild Manager in Hwando District of Mount Jangbaek
  • Chaos Faction - Right Side of the Mt. Mongam Portal in Nakyeong Village of Mount Cheonseolseong







Once you acquired the quest from the NPC. Jump straight to the Mount Mongam Gateway.

Note: Mount Mongam is a PVP field, Players from the different faction can meet inside it and kill each other.  (There will be a lot of PVP field like this when the game progress)

On top of that, both faction can have the same quest so competition in killing the required mini-boss and boss is on-going.







The quest simply needs you to kill 2 Frog Mini Boss (Seonwa) and the Captain of the Research Unit of the Dark Amcheon Faction (Chuhonhyeolgyeom Hwangoh)

The Frogs are strategically located in the Middle of the Order and the Chaos Camp. You need to be careful because this location is  favorite killing sport of both faction.




So you should bring a party. Seriously you need a party for this one. For protection and Firepower.



Our Target for the day...


Mission Accomplished!




The next link will be invading the Dark Amcheon Area of Mount Mongam in order to paste their boss "CH"

His location is strategically located in the bottom most part of the Map.




He is probably the toughest boss in Mount. Mongam so make sure that you bring your friends and party before approaching him.

Unlike the Frogs, CH respawn every hour. So you should be really cautious as the opposing faction member can camp and hide inside the building near here or the cliffs.

A perfect ambush can be done in this area.





Now let's kill this Grin Reaper wannabee..


150,000 EXP Reward! Not Bad!




Notable Notes:

  • CH Spawn Time is every Hour
  • CH has a high chance of dropping Fine Grade and Ultimate Grade Series Equipment's and they are even level 50 plus!
  • CH can aslo drop Rare Cloaks, Crafting Materials, Recipe and Bags
  • He is kind of a look like of Jigang, The Boss of Flying Bijeok Faction minus the White Motif and the Edea-like (FF8) back accessory.


Mission Accomplished!