Yulgang 2 SEA has been the most awaited game of the year 2013. We have seen overwhelming support, anticipation and enthusiasm from Yulgang2 SEA fans worldwide since we have announced our official Facebook, Twitter and Youtube page. Today, we're excited to celebrate the launch of yulgang2sea.com!


 Starting today, yulgang2sea.com will be the portal for all the latest news, announcements and conrent from Yulgang 2 SEA Team and community. This includes developer articles, game content updates, community spotlights, events, forums and a lot more. 

We want to welcome everyone who are joining us today as we mark a new milestone in our journey!
On behalf of the Yulgang 2 SEA Team, we would like to thank you for sharing this exciting journey as we head toward the release of Yulgang 2 SEA together!